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Welcome Back.  It’s the legendary Sunshine House Surf Shop!  Bethesda Surf Shop in Bethesda inspired the creation of the Sunshine House by Jimmy Finigan and C.V.  Roberts in 1967, it quickly became a popular hang-out for local surfers.  When it opened in Ocean City, MD in 1970, the Sunshine House Surf Shop became an icon for a new wave of surfing rebellion and counterculture.

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Our History

Making Waves Since 1967


The Bethesda Surf Shop was founded in 1967, by Jimmy Finigan and C.V. Roberts. The Sunshine House, Ocean City’s original surf shop, opened on 63rd Street and Coastal Highway in 1970. Finigan and Roberts Enterprises was born and continued on for over thirty years of surf and skate products.


Originators of unique surf apparel, Sunshine House Surf Shop shirts, were easy to recognize due to the iconic “Surf Warrior” and the printed long sleeve shirts. This logo and brand was the beginning of a long and strong bond, among people who were and still are passionate about Sunshine House Surf Shop!


The memories Finigan and Roberts created for all of us are unforgettable! The joy we all had as kids and the Sunshine House Surf Shop, will never be forgotten. Please enjoy looking around and if there is something you remember and don’t see, please let us know.

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Welcome to Sunshine House Surf Shop

Sunshine House Surf Shop is one of the vintage online surf shops popular among Maryland buyers. We stock the best-quality clothes, accessories, boards that will help enhance your surfing experience altogether. All our products are designed, keeping surfing enthusiasts in mind so that they have everything they need in one place.

In 1970, we started as a surf shop, simply rooted in the surf lifestyle, but have evolved as a leading brand producing high-quality fashion for those seeking performance in the world of adventure sports. We take pride in our excellent customer service and our high-quality products. The best part about a service like Sunshine House Surf Shop is the sheer amount of variety.

For many surfers out there, the aspect of surfing apparel & accessories and owning some of the best on the market is indeed a matter of pride. In this regard, we could not be more delighted to give you every kind of option that you are looking for and a lot more.

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