First Beach Vacation? 11 Must-Haves You Need to Pack for a Fabulous Time

A few things in life are as divine as laying on the beach, sipping a refreshing cocktail, and listening to crashing waves. If you’ve been working too hard, going on a beach vacation is the perfect way to take a break and revitalize.

Is this your first time going to the beach? While you might have already packed, let us make sure you do not forget certain essentials. Here are some must-haves you should add to your list.

  1. SPF & Aloe Vera Gel

    Being out in the sun is going to take a toll on your skin. To avoid nasty sunburns, make sure you pack plenty of sunscreen with at least SPF 50. Even if you don’t burn easily, wearing sunscreen is a must to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Also, bring aloe vera gel if you do end up getting sunburned.

  2. Oversized Tote Bag

    Sunscreen, water, snacks, bathing suits, towels, sunglasses, spare clothes, cash, books, speakers, and toys are just a few things you will likely take to the beach every day. Instead of fussing with a tiny sling bag, pack an oversized tote that you can quickly throw everything in.

  3. Good Books

    Remember that growing pile of books that you never had the chance to read? Well, there is no better opportunity than a beach vacation. If you don’t have enough space to pack books, download e-books on your Kindle or iPad.

  4. Breezy Clothes

    Well-fitted dresses and tailored pants sure do look good for fancy dinners. But you should definitely pack breezy clothes that you can comfortably wear on the beach. Head over to surf shop clothing to browse vintage-style t-shirts.

  5. Hats & Sunglasses

    Hats and sunglasses will give you much-needed protection from direct sunlight. A hat will also come in handy when you’re not having a good hair day. Visit surf shop Ocean City, MD to buy stylish hats.

  6. Spare Bag

    Apart from a tote, bring a spare bag for keeping your wet bathing suits, towels, and clothes.

  7. First Aid Kit

    No matter how careful you are, there is no sure shot way to avoid injuries. Pack a first aid kit with band-aids, gauze, cotton, antiseptic cream, Neosporin, and Tylenol.

  8. Non-Perishable Snacks

    Kids and adults alike get cranky when they’re hungry. Make sure you bring non-perishable snacks. Trail mix, chips, granola bars, crackers, and mini pretzels are some great options.

  9. Portable Charger

    You probably won’t have easy access to a power socket in the middle of a beach. Take a portable charger so that your phone doesn’t run out of battery. Even better if you can get your hands on a solar-powered portable charger.

  10. Waterproof Phone Case

    Dropping your phone in the ocean is the last thing you want on vacation. Buy a waterproof phone case that will protect your device from water damage.

  11. Jacket

    Even in the summer, evenings in a coastal town can get a little chilly. So don’t forget to pack a jacket to keep yourself warm.

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