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Check out the best surf and skate sticker selection and shop these amazing, custom-made stickers from Sunshine House Surf Shop. We have a wide range of surf and skate stickers, including the infamous slogan “Surf Naked” stickers that became the stuff of legend. These removable stickers make the perfect accessory for phone cases, laptops, journals, guitars, refrigerators, helmets, walls, skateboards, windows, bumpers, helmets, cars, water bottles, or anything that must scream your passion for surfing and skateboarding.

Apart from surf stickers, we also stock a collection of surf apparel and accessories. Since our establishment, we have been dedicated to providing the best of best to surfers. We stock only the best quality products that really speak about your passion for adventure sports. In Ocean City, surfing isn’t just a recreational activity but a part of our culture. Though the sport has evolved over the years, surfing has maintained its culture in our region. Whether you are an occasional or active surfer, our products are perfect for you. Our unique surfing stickers are waterproof and super sticky, which means they can be applied to a surface for long-lasting adhesion.

Every surfer is bound to love these amazing surf shop stickers. Shop now from this extensive selection and decorate your surfboard with these beauties.

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